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I am Diana Faugno, Immediate Past President of the Academy of Forensic Nursing, or "AFN." I am glad you found our website, and I want you to know more about what, why, and the planned future of AFN.

In early 2018, a cadre of leading forensic nursing scholar/practitioners, collectively representing 500 years of nursing experience and 240 years of forensic nursing

practice, convened. To elevate the model and standards of their profession, this group of dedicated professionals established the AFN, with the mission of linking research to practice through scholarship, education, and service to those affected by and responding to trauma.

A similar vision was articulated in 1992 by Virginia Lynch, the founder of forensic nursing. She said then that forensic nurses combine the nursing, forensic, and legal sciences to bring safety, medical treatment, and justice to patients who have suffered various forms of trauma.

AFN recognizes the need for collaboration among the entire team of those protecting, treating, and advocating for victims of trauma. Forensic nurses, physicians, attorneys, advocates, law enforcement and, other first responders are welcome to AFN membership and are invited to participate in the work of AFN.


Trauma profoundly impacts the health and longevity of those who have survived it. Forensic nurses have worked with healthcare professionals, families, communities, and systems and have lead the way to promoting evidence-based, compassionate care of those affected by trauma. AFN seeks universal acceptance of the full scope of forensic nursing practice, applied across the spectrum of trauma care.

We invite your input as we expand AFN to embrace all nursing practices. We encourage your active participation through the provision of feedback, information sharing, and membership in AFN.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for website content or programs, I invite you to email me directly:

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