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AFN Committees

All committee positions are volunteer positions filled by AFN members in good standing. These positions require a time commitment of 4-6 hours per month. If you are interested in serving on an AFN committee, please click on the "Contact Chair" button under the corresponding committee listed below.


The Education Committee supports the development of educational initiatives to promote the continued development of forensic nurses. This committee also plans all the regional conferences.


Ethical practice is a foundation of modern nursing, and effective nurses adhere to certain ethical principles and standards. The Ethics Committee sets standards for ethical forensic nursing practice.



The Interprofessional Collaboration Committee supports the ongoing development and outreach of the Academy of Forensic Nursing by reviewing best practices, developing evidence based position statements, and facilitating collaboration among professional organizations that support forensic nursing.


The Journal Committee focuses on the current research applicable to forensic nursing practice. This Committee amasses an evidence table to help  nurses at all levels to apply the published evidence to their forensic nursing practice, regardless of the setting. The Journal Committee is expected to help build the next generation of forensic nurses who are necessary and prepared to care for the most vulnerable in our communities.


The Membership Committee works to provide benefits for our members, reviews and develops policies and procedures related to membership, accepts nominations for awards, and facilitates the election of officers for AFN.


The goal of the Podcast Committee is to provide evidenced-based, information related to forensic nursing practice. This committee is focused on planning and providing content related to contemporary trends and issues that impact the every day provision of forensic nursing care.


The Research Committee is responsible for facilitating the advancement of forensic nursing care through science. This committee is dedicated to facilitating the generation of scientific evidence on which quality forensic nursing practice is based.

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