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Ollie Lagrou


Ollie Lagrou

Ollie Lagrou has been an RN since 2013, working neuro and ICU-stepdown as a travel nurse coast to coast before settling down at the Ruth Ellis Health and Wellness Center in 2019, providing LGBTQ+ focused healthcare for adolescents. As the Clairmount clinic began taking shape, Lagrou joined an amazing team of visionaries in bringing it to life and furthering a strong existing partnership with REC. Lagrou’s passion for this work lies in a strong affinity for patient advocacy and social justice. As a trans man and health care provider, Lagrou is uniquely positioned to help create systems of care that meet LGBTQ+ needs.

Outside of work. Lagrou is Dad to two (truly) delightful teenagers. Lagrou says, “I love spending time outdoors, writing, learning new skills, and getting into good trouble with my kids. On any given evening you might find me down an internet rabbit hole of weird ocean facts or trying to sprout fruit pits in my kitchen.”

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