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Your Future is Forensic Nursing

Oakland University School of Nursing
Graduate Forensic Nursing Program

Oakland University is a preeminent leader in advanced forensic nursing education. Offering comprehensive forensic nursing curriculum with a strong emphasis on theoretical foundations integrated with real-world, innovative clinical experiences, graduates are prepared to serve as transformational leaders in a variety of forensic nursing roles and sub-specialties.


Endorsed by the Founder of Forensic Nursing as a Scientific Discipline, Virginia Lynch, the Oakland University Forensic Nursing program prepares graduates for professional practice in the role of the forensic nurse through the application of knowledge and principles foundational to nursing and forensic science.


Whether you are new to forensic nursing or a veteran practitioner, an advanced, graduate degree in forensic nursing from Oakland University will prepare you with the knowledge and experience to become a highly trained expert providing specialized care to the most vulnerable patients.


Two Program options:

Master of Science in Nursing — Forensic Nursing (38 credits)

Graduate Certificate in Forensic Nursing (19 credits)


Both options offer a minimum of 420 clinical hours which are arranged and facilitated by the program. The program is approved for online learning. Out-of-state students receive in-state tuition. Students can expect to complete the curriculum online with two on-campus visits.

Discover what our forensic nursing alumni and students have to say:


“The forensic nursing program at Oakland University is exciting, challenging, and ever-evolving. The program curriculum, at every semester, has been carefully developed and the consideration put forth into planning each course to properly prepare students in the field of forensic nursing shows. The faculty, students, and alumni are motivated, approachable, and passionate in making contacts, disseminating information, and advancing the field. I am honored to be involved with this program and to join the vital, growing specialty of forensic nursing!”

— Jessica Vanbiesbrouck, MSN, RN


“My original attraction to the program did not prepare me for the utterly profound impact receiving education in forensic nursing had on my career, my life, and who I am as a person. I believe every nurse, in any specialty, in any clinical setting, would benefit from a forensic nursing education. I feel it is the truest example of providing holistic care to my patients and community. The hands-on, behind-the-scene, clinical experiences prepared me to provide comprehensive, trauma-informed care to our most vulnerable patient populations, patients who are victims of trauma, violence, and maltreatment.”

– Christina Boyland, MSN, RN, SANE-A, SANE-P


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