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AFN Board of Director Candidates: Voting Begins Sunday!

Cast your vote for the four open AFN Board of Director positions between December 8th and December 18th!

The Academy of Forensic Nursing (AFN) will have three graduate-prepared and one BSN-prepared open Board positions in 2020, and those positions will be filled by a majority of the vote of current AFN members in good standing. Newly elected Directors will assume their positions on the AFN Board of Directors effective January 1, 2020 for a 2-year term.

Voting Eligibility

Only AFN members in good standing will be permitted to vote.

Voting Procedures

Voting will open one minute past midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) on December 8, 2019 and close at midnight Mountain Standard Time (MST) on December 18, 2019. A link to the ballot will be sent via email to all members before the voting period opens. Votes cast before or after the voting period will not be counted. AFN members may cast only ONE ballot.

Important Note: A link to the ballot will be emailed only to the email address provided to AFN on your membership application.

If you experience any difficulties with submitting your ballot OR if you fail to receive a ballot prior to midnight on December 7, 2019, please contact us at once at the following email address:

Important Note: Due to time-constraints, please do not attempt to reach us via the "chat" function on the AFN website to address issues related to voting, and please do not wait until the last minute to vote, as ALL voting will close promptly at midnight on December 18, 2019 MST without exceptions.

AFN members will be asked to select THREE of the seven graduate-prepared Board candidates and ONE of the two BSN-prepared Board candidates listed on their ballot. Prior to casting your vote, please take the time to meet each candidate that will be listed on your ballot by reviewing their biographies and goal statements by clicking on the following link: Meet The Candidates

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