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Kimberly Kasper

Kimberly Kasper

Board of Directors - 2024-2026

As a board member of the Academy of Forensic Nursing I want to continue to support the mission and continue to increase the membership of the AFN through education, service, and best practices for the people we encounter that have been affected by violence. As an AFN board member, I want to see an increased national and global connection through academic partnerships advancing forensic nursing education at all levels. My involvement with the US State Department Diplomacy Council led policy development and implementation at a global health level in over 30 countries. My work involved teaching leaders, health ministers, and health care providers regarding best practices in recognizing and responding to victims of violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault (SA). This experience would be an asset to the AFN’s global initiatives and future partnerships.

I have been an acute care nurse practitioner for greater than 23 years with my past/current experience including 31 years working in emergency/trauma/internal medicine services as an EMT, RN, ARNP, with focus on sexual assault of adolescents, adults, and elders, and proudly serving in the USAF as a flight nurse for 9 years. I am full time faculty at Duquesne University teaching in the Advanced Practice Forensic Graduate, Acute Care Adult Gerontology, and Family Practice NP programs. I practice at a community clinic for uninsured patients, primarily working with migrant women and their families.

My personal and professional goals are aligned with the AFN, through my teaching and treating patients through a trauma informed care lens, evidenced based practice, and looking for opportunities to build interdisciplinary relationships. I have served on several boards, as director at large, treasurer, and president which has developed my leadership skills and ability to communicate effectively with all communities and organizations.

The future of forensic nursing has never been more important than now. We must continue to speak with one voice to ensure our patients and communities have access to the expertise of a forensic nurse, no matter where they are.

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