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AFN Member Center

Important Notice:
Read Carefully Prior to Utilizing the AFN Member Center!

Welcome to the Academy of Forensic Nursing (AFN) Member Center! This area of our website is for AFN members only, and it was created to allow our members exclusive access to content, share information with our members, and facilitate the sharing of professional ideas between our members across the state. To facilitate the best possible experience for all AFN members, we have established some basic guidelines for use of the Member Center. Prior to utilizing any features located in the AFN Member Center, please review the Code of Conduct, AFN Member Center Terms of Use, and AFN Member Center Legal Disclaimer. We encourage you to review those policies and disclaimers frequently, as they are subject to change frequently without notice to our members. 

Simply by entering and utilizing the AFN Member Center, you agree that you have read the AFN Member Center Code of Conduct and will follow our rules and guidelines. AFN reserves the right to suspend or terminate the access of any member for any code of conduct violation without notice. Should you have any questions or concerns, or to report improper or harassing conduct or offensive behavior anywhere in the online, AFN Member Center, please contact our leadership team via email.

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