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Teresa Devitt-Lynch

Teresa Devitt-Lynch

Board of Directors - 2023-2025

Teresa Devitt-Lynch, a native North Dakotan (GO BISON!), is the founder and CEO of INTREPID Forensic Healthcare Consulting, a dynamic consulting firm dedicated to forensic analysis of criminal cases involving abuse, sexual assault, and other medical issues, providing expert testimony and educational offerings, located in Converse, Texas. With more than 20 years of nursing experience, she holds a master’s degree in nursing and is board certified in Advanced Forensic Nursing and Adult/Adolescent Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations. She is also a 20-year veteran of the US Navy with a military nursing background in medical/surgical nursing, couplet care, ambulatory surgery, education and training, and forensic healthcare. While on active duty, Devitt-Lynch was a Tri-Service Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examiner Trainer and expert forensic nursing consultant for military courts martial proceedings in all military branches.

She also served as the lead forensic examiner at the Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, Virginia, and Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examination Program Director at US Naval Hospital, Sigonella, Italy. Devitt-Lynch currently chairs the Adult Trauma and Domestic Violence Special Interest Group of the Academy of Forensic Nursing. She has steadily been engaged in multiple military and civilian organization, national and community-based initiatives aimed at fostering multidisciplinary collaboration and improving forensic healthcare in response to violent trauma.

Working out of a home office for the past three years, Devitt-Lynch has been able to form impenetrable bonds with her and her husband’s three dogs who, now, don’t even know her husband still lives with them.

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