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Meet the New AFN Project Request Form

Every day, the people working in and around the Academy of Forensic Nursing come up with innovative ideas – concepts that will make our profession stronger and help educate allied professions about providing evidence-based, trauma-informed care. The AFN Executive Board and Board of Directors are charged with the responsibility of receiving proposals for those ideas and turning the very best ones into products that can be disseminated to the AFN membership and beyond.

To help meet that demand, the Academy has introduced the Project Request Form – a standardized method of submitting project ideas to the Board so that they can become a reality. Use this form any time you have new concepts for webinars, bootcamps, publications, marketing, meetings, or conferences. Be as detailed as possible about what you want your idea to become. Not sure if your project idea belongs on the AFN Project Request Form? In the words of AFN President-Elect Paul Thomas Clements: "When in doubt, fill it out!"

After submission, the project request will be reviewed by the AFN Executive Board. Please check out the form and get the next great AFN project started here.

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