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New Podcast Episode: Dating Violence

In the latest episode of Bell Work Talks, Dr. Cathy Carter-Snell provides an overview of dating violence, with a particular focus on individuals in post-secondary education settings.

Risks for for victimization and perpetration are discussed, as well as current approaches to prevention and intervention. Implications for further research are also identified.

During the podcast, Carter-Snell notes that psychological violence is evenly distributed between men and women. "We always assume that dating violence is something that women sustain, but we’re not thinking about men – either in heterosexual or same-sex relationships," she says. "Some of the work I’ve done with male survivors of dating violence is that they don’t even recognize it as violence. They just think that they have a very angry partner and they do everything they can do to placate or calm down the partner."

Additionally, Carter-Snell provides information on studies that show many women, by their fourth year of college, are inclined to "settle" for a less than ideal relationship due to pressures from family and peers to find a mate.

You can listen to the full podcast, and find other podcasts in the Bell Work Talks series, here.


About Bell Work Talks

Bell Work Talks, hosted by Kathy Bell, is a monthly AFN podcast designed to engage the professional in advancing evidence-based and best practices in forensic nursing. It is available at, as well as in the Apple Podcasts app, Soundcloud, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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