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Graduate-Prepared Candidate

Anne Troy


Anne Troy

Dr. Anne Troy has been a nurse for 45 years. Graduating from Rutgers University with a BSN, she worked in the Peace Corps in Honduras and in refugee camps in Thailand. As a psychiatric nurse, she has had the opportunity to care for both survivors and offenders across the lifespan. Additionally, her studies at the graduate level included community mental health and education as a family nurse practitioner. Dr. Troy is an Associate Professor of Nursing and teaches forensics and mental health to nursing students at the University of Holy Cross in New Orleans. As a forensic pediatric nurse practitioner at Children’s hospital in New Orleans for the past 13 years, Dr. Troy assesses, treats, and testifies for pediatric survivors of child sexual abuse, seeing over 500 children a year. Her research interests include evaluating the vicarious trauma of jurors as a result of serving at criminal trials, evaluating and remediating ACEs in nurses, and primary prevention of abuse. She was recently able to present internationally on the findings of her doctoral work and clinical practice in both Rome, Italy, and France. She has in written a children’s book, to be released in the spring, addressing the knowledge required by parents to target harden children from the manipulation and deceptions of child perpetrators.

My forensic work has been the most important nursing that I have been privileged to partner with patients and communities in undertaking. My desire is to bring awareness and evidence based best practices to the essential work of primary prevention locally and internationally. I recognize the historic opportunities for inclusion, diversity, and ending the epidemic of interpersonal violence through education and policy initiatives. The vulnerable at every age require the advocacy of nurses. I am especially focused on ending intergenerational sexual abuses to children.

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