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Graduate-Prepared Candidate

Antoinette Janson


Antoinette Janson

Antoinette Janson, MSN, RN, SANE-A

Assistant Director of Program Activities

Texas A&M Health Center of Excellence in Forensic Nursing

I am very excited to submit my name to the AFN membership and fellow peers for consideration to be selected to serve as an elected member of the Board of Directors. As I was pondering my qualifications and why the membership should elect me, I found myself looking through the AFN website, and I was drawn to the AFN logo and then to the Mission Statement. I then thought that if I can build my introduction around those things, then I am hopeful that members will consider me for the position.

The core values of the AFN, based on the logo, are Education, Scholarship, and Service.

Reflecting on my Education:

I have a master's degree in forensic nursing (MSN) from Duquesne University and am currently pursuing my Doctor of Nursing Practice at Texas A&M University. My DNP project focuses on creating a documentation toolkit for unique record-keeping practices in forensic nursing. Looking ahead, I aim to contribute to evidence-based practices in forensic nursing, filling gaps in the field. Monitoring legislation motivates my advocacy for positive changes in forensic nursing, extending to active participation in policy development and relevant committees.


Over the past two years, I've presented four international presentations on various forensic nursing topics, including Creating Communities of Practice to Support Rural Access to SANE CareStakeholder engagement: One method to improve SANE educationAddressing Disparities to Create Equitable Outcomes, and Issues related to Males Seeking Sexual Assault Care. Most recently, I gave a presentation on Building a Community of Practice for Novice and Advanced Forensic Nurses: Fostering Knowledge Exchange and Professional Growth for the AFN virtual conference. As an Assistant Director of Program Activities at Texas A&M's Center of Excellence in Forensic Nursing, I oversee the development of specialized programs in education and community services. My skills in understanding organizational dynamics, especially in forensic services within communities, align with the evolving goals of the AFN.


Foremost, I take great pride in my service as a Master-at-Arms, Petty Officer Second Class, in the United States Navy, with deployments during Operation Enduring Freedom and humanitarian service during Hurricane Katrina. These real-world experiences encountering trauma from war and victimization will enrich my perspective as a board member and enhance my service to our membership.

I demonstrate commitment to my profession through ongoing memberships in forensic nursing agencies (AFN and IAFN), the Academy of Forensic Sciences, the National Association of Hispanic Nurses, and the Emergency Nurses Association. Additionally, I provided direct service/support at the joint AFN/Texas A & M conference in Round Rock, TX in April 2023.

As a dedicated team player, my career has been devoted to providing trauma-informed care to help individuals reinvest in productive and enjoyable lives. I earnestly request your consideration in entrusting me to contribute my time, effort, and commitment to the Board and AFN membership toward achieving this overarching goal.

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