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Erika Pastor


Erika Pastor

Erika Pastor has been a nurse at Henry Ford Health for 18 years, mainly in the infectious disease department where she cared for HIV patients. Her role as the nurse practitioner at the Ruth Ellis Clairmount Clinic caring for the LGBTQ+ community is one of her proudest and greatest accomplishments. Pastor has devoted her career to helping others navigate their health and treating all people with respect and providing health equity.

Pastor says she is married to an amazing person who supports her and, most importantly, makes her laugh. She adds, “I am a kitty momma and love to share stories about our cats and all the little creatures we feed in our backyard. I enjoy tending to my plants outside and working in the yard. I also love a good novel and all types of movies. I’m a sucker for crime shows. I also like to travel when I get the chance. My favorite destination was Lesotho, Africa where I did a medical mission teaching about HIV.”

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