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Valerie Sievers


Valerie Sievers

Val Sievers is a Forensic Clinical Nurse Specialist with more than 35 years of healthcare experience as a registered nurse, advanced practice nurse, educator, and consultant with extensive practice experience in the arenas of emergency and critical care nursing, academic education, and forensic clinical practice. As a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Sievers provides advanced education to healthcare and interdisciplinary professionals regarding the care and treatment of patients affected by violence and abuse to include evidentiary examinations for adult, adolescent, and child survivors of sexual and physical abuse.

She is currently board certified as an advanced forensic nurse (AFN-C). In addition, Sievers has provided consultation to hospitals, healthcare agencies, academic organizations, non-profit organizations, communities, and military installations regarding forensic healthcare education and collaborative strategies for improving a response to those affected by violence. Sievers worked in the position of Colorado SANE Project Coordinator/Director for 15 years, a project funded by the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice, before moving the position and funding to the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs to support an academic and clinical foundation for forensic nursing education.

In 1995, Sievers and emergency nurse colleagues developed the first Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program in Colorado at Memorial Hospital (now UC Health) in Colorado Springs and for 24 years provided forensic healthcare services to children, adolescents, teens, and families at Colorado Springs Children's Advocacy Center. Currently, Sievers is principal of MedLaw Consultants LLC., a forensic healthcare consulting practice.

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