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AFN Achieves ANCC Reaccreditation for Nursing Continuing Professional Development

The Academy of Forensic Nursing was granted reaccreditation for nursing continuing professional development (NCPD) in July from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). This reaccreditation demonstrates our commitment to using evidence-based criteria when developing high-quality educational activities that promote the professional growth of nurses.

With this reaccreditation, AFN continues to be part of an influential global community of practice of accredited organizations. We received reaccreditation as a representation of the quality of nursing education our organization is able to offer members and non-members via webinars, bootcamps, regional and national conferences.

“The goal of our AFN educational offerings is to promote generalist forensic education, research, and service for all of our members and our interdisciplinary partners,” said AFN Education Director Angelia Trujillo. “We also strive to promote awareness of new programs, new research, and promising practices across our platforms. Thank you for being part of this journey!”

NCPD accreditation from ANCC elevates educational offerings that benefit nurses and interdisciplinary partners, and the patients and communities they serve, by:

  • Promoting the highest professional standards to sustain effective strategies that improve professional nursing practice

  • Improving curricula for nurses to provide evidence-based education that strengthen professional development programs

  • Increasing credibility to adhere to evidence-based, global standards that deliver quality professional education

  • Expanding visibility to be included among other accredited organizations that are listed in a nationwide, searchable directory

  • Increasing demand to offer continuing professional development contact hours that are essential to building professional portfolios, and maintaining certification and accreditation from ANCC and other licensing boards and regulatory bodies

The ANCC Accreditation Model is based on the original Donabedian framework of structure, process, and outcome measures to evaluate quality. The ANCC standards provide organizations with a structured, evidence-based framework to design and implement NCPD activities. The development of quality outcomes ensures that accredited organizations are continuously evaluating processes and their impact on the professional development of nurses.

To learn more about educational opportunities from AFN, please visit our learning management system:

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