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Journal Club Seeks Members

Reviewing published research is a critical part of the process that improves forensic nursing care. By identifying and utilizing the best available evidence, healthcare providers are able to produce safe, quality, and effective patient care. Recognizing that this can be a formidable task for many clinical nurses, the AFN Journal Club serves to review research studies and discuss their implications on evidence-based clinical practice.

Journal Club Chair Christine Foote-Lucero is seeking new members to review and discuss forensic nursing issues in a friendly and professional environment. Attendees will read the articles and answer critique questions prior to meeting, then come together to discuss at monthly meetings. These meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 12 pm ET.

The Journal Club also welcomes article suggestions from any AFN member, even if they're not part of Journal Club. Recently reviewed articles include:

Health Outcomes and Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: How Much is Due to the Cutting Itself?

Written by C. E. Johnson-Agbakwu, G. J. Michlig, S. Koukoui, et al.

Mental Illness as a Vulnerability for Sexual Assault: A Retrospective Study of 7,455 Sexual Assault Forensic Medical Examinations

Written by L. Miles, J. L. Valentine, L. Mabey, and N. R. Downing

A Comparison of Intimate Partner Violence Strangulation Between Same-Sex and Different-Sex Couples

Written by J. T. Messing, K. A. Thomas, A. L. Ward-Lasher, N. Q. Brewer

Child Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations and Prosecutorial Decisions to Accept or Reject Cases of Child Sexual Abuse

Written by T. E. Bracewell & L. M. Greenwood

Forensic Documentation of Non-fatal Strangulation

A. Reckdenwald, K. Powell, T. Martins

The next meeting will be held April 20, 2023 at 12 pm ET. If you are interested in joining, please contact Christine Foote-Lucero here.

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