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By: Evelyne Keating & Roxanne Shoenfeld

Forensic Nurses…violent sex offenders…and the justice they seek

How do victims of sex crimes endure the torture?  What does it mean to be sexually assaulted?  What do they go through?  Do they all run or fight?  Who helps them through the rape kit exam?  It is the work of forensic nurse examiners, Special Victims Unit detectives, first responding officers and advocates. When justice is assumed to be served through a guilty verdict or a guilty plea, often justice is not enough for healing.  Healing is about being believed.  Healing begins with whom the victim encounters immediately after the assault. Police, nurses, family and friends listening, not passing judgement, but by believing will define how well the victim will heal. Delve into Toluidine (Tol-u-deen) Blue: a novel if you enjoy medical mystery or crime drama, into the dark world of sex 
crimes with Adeline Donovan and Rachel Tristin.

The events in Toluidine Blue are based on the authors’ combined 44 years of nursing experience in emergency, trauma and forensic nursing, and death investigation.  Even though names and crime scene locations are fictional, all of the forensic information is accurate.



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Diana from Dallas Georgia said this is just what I needed on my trip to read. I love the action and the mystery’s. 

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Hope Rising is a clarion call to apply the science of hope in daily life and overcome the trauma, adversity, and struggles everyone must face. Hope is the most predictive indicator of well-being in a person’s life in all the research done on trauma, illness, and resiliency. Based on nearly 2,000 published studies about hope, including their own research, Casey Gwinn and Chan Hellman call for rising hope to be the focus not only in personal lives, but in public policy in education, business, social services, and every other part of society. Hope is measurable. Hope is malleable. Hope changes lives. Hope Rising provides a roadmap to measure hope in your life, assess what may have robbed you of the power of hope, and then provides strategies to increase hope. It challenges every reader to be transparent and honest about their own stories of struggle and adversity, calls for the end of shame and blame in addressing the struggles of those who have experienced trauma, illness, or abuse, and provides practical ways to increase your Hope score and thrive because of it.



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“The memories from that room will haunt me for the rest of my life.”Sexual abuse survivor turned advocate Eva Velasquez understands the trauma and complex emotions that survivors of sexual abuse experience as they attempt to navigate the world after abuse. By sharing her story, from childhood sexual abuse victim to pregnant high school drop out to CEO of a national victim services organization, Eva wants other survivors to realize they do not have to define themselves only by their abuse. With the support of her husband and three adult children, she continues to share her message of hope, inspiration and resilience.



​Paperback and eBook (Kindle)

Pricing: Paperback: $16.41, eBook (Kindle): $5.99

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