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Graduate-Prepared Candidate

Natalie Evenson


Natalie Evenson

Hello everyone, greetings from the great State of Washington!

As a founding member of the Violence and Behavior Special Interest Group, I have become very energized regarding just how much each member of the AFN, and the members of the AFN as a whole, can contribute to and impact our nation's communities. This has led me to want to continue to expand my efforts to support the AFN on an even broader level and commit my professional endeavors to the AFN mission to link research to practice through the dissemination of scholarship, education, and service to those affected by and responding to trauma. As such, I would like you to consider my application for election as a member of the AFN Board of Directors.

I would like to share a little about myself to ensure that you feel I qualify to represent you and provide service to the membership and the AFN. I will approach this from the three missions of the AFN agency: Education, Scholarship, and Service.


I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare from the University of Washington, which I believe provides a unique insight into understanding the work surrounding both victims and offenders and navigating the related social systems. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, Utah, and subsequently a Master of Science degree in Nursing from there as well, with a Capstone project that focused on developing a BSN training curriculum on Non-Fatal Strangulation.

Other educational attainments include completion of the core Pediatric SANE Training and core Adult SANE training, as well as the Office of Legal Education Executive Office for United States Attorneys, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Expert Witness Training, and Hennepin Healthcare Mock Court SANE Expert Witness Training.


I have attempted to remain active in my role as a master's prepared nurse, with a focus on continuing to educate others. Some examples of my commitment in this regard include:

  • Development and presentation of a seminar on Interpersonal Violence (IPV) for Re Lab SANE Group

  • Seminar on Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Care and sexual assault for Navy advocates, SAPR group orientation

  • Seminar case for Midwest Pediatric Peer Review

  • Writing informational health content articles

  • Test question writer for non-nursing staff educational materials

  • Nurse Writer for Evedentia Learning Company

  • Co-author of first peer-reviewed article submission from Violence and Behavior SIG


My service to the community is active and diverse, as this is one way forensic nurses significantly impact the community. Below are examples of my ongoing activities:

  • Performing adult and pediatric SANE exams

  • Testifying in court

  • Providing a minimum of sixty hours of on-call SANE coverage per month

  • Provide expert witness reports and testimony as a legal nurse consultant subcontractor

Scientific Agencies:

  • Current Member of the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) since 2022

  • Current Member of the Academy of Forensic Nurses (AFN) since 2022

  • Founding Member of Violence and Behavior SIG

  • Current Member of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) since 2023

I would hope that if the other members of the Violence and Behavior SIG would say anything about me, it would be that I am genuinely committed to the team and the AFN and that my excitement for forensic care is always evident. I truly hope you will consider me for this honor.

Respectfully, Natalie

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