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Averett Robey


Averett Robey

Averett Robey is a leader, preventionist, advocate, and trainer. His passion lies in transforming community and systems responses to address and prevent inequity and violence. This drive has led Robey to work on college campuses, in domestic violence and sexual assault organizations, policy coalitions, and research teams as an advocate, prevention education specialist, program coordinator, consultant, sexual violence expert, and program director.

Robey is the Senior Director of Strategy & Education at Turning Point, where he collaborates on agency strategy, oversees the education and outreach team, advocates for policy change, and leads systems and community change efforts to reflect the needs and experiences of survivors. Robey strives to create community investment and collaboration to support survivors and address injustice and oppression at its root to prevent violence before it begins.

Regardless of role, Robey is a tenacious advocate who believes that collectively, we can create accountable and responsive communities resistant to violence and abuse.

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