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Melissa Silver (Sinclair)

Melissa Silver (Sinclair)

Melissa Silver (Sinclair) is an enthusiastic and effective leader, advocate, organizer, consultant, and trainer with a proven track record of inspiring and guiding others toward achieving system and community-based change. With extensive experience, she has provided advocacy and training in various parts of the country, serving as a community-based advocate, program director, board member, and trainer focusing on trauma-informed approaches to working with survivors of intimate partner violence. Currently, she is the Director of Training, Technical Assistance, and Capacity for the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NMCADV).

Silver is skilled in creating supportive learning environments that promote genuine collaboration and foster professional and personal growth. In these spaces, partners are encouraged to openly address issues and share experiences related to intimate partner violence cases, aiming to develop long-lasting, survivor-focused solutions while building strong community partnerships.

Silver is dedicated to the movement to end intimate partner violence. She knows that our communities can transform through coordinated responses into safe, accountable environments where survivors and their children can experience safety, support, and belonging.

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