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Seeking Authors!

The Interprofessional Collaboration Committee (IPC) is seeking member input and interest on topics for position statements for 2023. We have several ideas but want members of the Academy to know we are interested in diverse ideas and member expertise. Some of the suggested topics for position statement development include Care of the Patient with GSW, Providing a Forensic Healthcare Response to the LGBTQIA Patient, Responding to Patients Affected by Sexual Assault or Abuse, QI/QA, and Peer Review in Forensic Nursing Practice. If you are interested in authoring a position statement or have an idea about a clinical topic contact anyone on the IPC or email Val Sievers.

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3 comentários

Nora Baladerian
13 de ago. de 2022

Will you be addressing the particular needs of crime victims with disabilities....of all types, including developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, ( cerebral palsy, FASD, ) CONGENITAL and acquired disabilities, Autism. Those with disabilities are abused at 7 times the rate of the generic population, and I believe issues related to the role of Forensic Nurses serving them should be included...including issues such as equipment to use exam tables that are accessible, reduction of the use of fluorescent lighting in exam and consultation rooms, etc.???

Nora Baladerian
14 de ago. de 2022
Respondendo a

I think it would be great to have some leading Forensic Nurses (Diana Faugno for example) take lead on a comprehensive statement including serving those with sensory disabilities as well. A conversation would be email: to get this started. Perhaps you can host a discussion group online with top leaders. my email: Can't wait to hear from you!!!

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