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We've got you covered, Filling the Gap on Medical Diagrams & Illustrations

There have been questions and inquiries recently about professional diagrams and updating forensic documentation tools. The Academy of Forensic Nursing recognized the need for professionally curated diagrams and illustrations for use in practice. AFN collaborated with ION a medical illustration company to create diagrams to fill this gap. Go to the LMS and review the packages that will work for your clinical practice.

AFN_Diagram Mailer
Download PDF • 1.82MB

Lots of great education there too

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Kathleen Thimsen
Kathleen Thimsen
Nov 02, 2022

Val, the use of evidence-based (EB) tools and instruments is critical to adequate evidence and data collection for comprehensive documentation. This is especially important in forensic nursing given the need for efficient and effective as well as appropriate collection of ALL forms of evidence.

The Academy is committed to the dissemination of the most current and (again EB) tools for our members to be at the front of the line demonstrating expertise and leading the way.

The diagrams are clean, crisp and provide the template for systematic and comprehensive assessment...GoAFN! Thanks to Val for spearheading this initiative. It takes a village.

As a side note- to members- if you have an idea or an instrument or tool that you use…

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