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Informing Interprofessional Practices Through Virtual Learning

Join your AFN Colleagues at Virtual Boot Camp this October!


Vulnerable patients who are being trafficked by sex, labor and possible organ harvesting are being cared for in hospitals and healthcare settings worldwide.  Healthcare providers are often not aware of these crimes within their communities and lack comfort and knowledge in addressing the safety and referral of these patients for care and recovery.  

This five session boot camp will ensure that Forensic Nurses and healthcare providers improve awareness and become familiar with screening techniques to identify patients being trafficked for sex, labor, organ harvesting and all forms of trafficking.  Participants will be able to recognize symptoms of trafficking, create effective community response systems, and develop trauma informed models of care for trafficked patients.

This Web Series will launch on October 19, 2021 and features five interactive web sessions through November 16, 2021 (see dates and session descriptions below).  


Upon completion of this program, learners will possess basic knowledge and skills to:

  • Report increased knowledge in the definition and types of human trafficking.

  • Report increased knowledge in the assessment and available screening tools for identification of labor trafficked patients.

  • Report increased knowledge in the therapeutic interventions and trauma informed response to patients who are being labor trafficked.

  • Understand the types of human trafficking and be able to define them.

  • Identify the visual signs of human trafficking and understand what they mean.

  • Understand the different vulnerabilities of survivors of human trafficking.

  • Understand the vulnerabilities that make certain persons targets of trafficking.

  • Understand victimology and trauma response.

  • List the stakeholders of a community task force.

  • Understand the process of engaging medical stakeholders to assure central point of intake for victims.

  • Examine trafficking case studies to evaluate efficacy in community response.

  • Identify screening methods to identify victim patients who are being trafficked.

  • Have improved understanding on how to interact with potential trafficking survivors in the healthcare setting.

  • Able to explain the unique roll that healthcare plays in identifying potential trafficking survivors.

  • Have an improved understanding of trauma-informed care for potential trafficking survivors.

ADV General




  • Session I: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (EST)

  • Session II: Tuesday, October 26, 2021 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (EST)

  • Session III: Tuesday, November 2, 2021 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (EST)

  • Session IV: Tuesday, November 9, 2021 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (EST)

  • Session V: Tuesday, November 16, 2021 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (EST)



  • AFN Members Discounted Price: $175 (8.0 CE)

  • Non-AFN Members: $225 (8.0 CE)



The Academy of Forensic Nursing is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation

For more information regarding contact hours, please contact for more information.


No refunds on Web Series registration.  Registrants who are unable to attend may gift his/her purchase to an individual qualifying for the same registration rate. For example, an AFN Member may not gift his/her ticket to a non-member. To make arrangements to gift your purchase to another individual, please contact AFN as soon as possible at:



ADV Agenda

Session I

October 19, 2021
90 Minutes
5:30 PM EST (4:30 PM CST, 3:30 PM MST, 2:30 PM PST)

Session 1: Understanding Forms of Human Trafficking

Join our expert presenters as they discuss all forms of human trafficking including sex, labor and organ harvesting, and how these patients intersect with medical healthcare settings. You will learn about areas of trafficking rarely explored including organ harvesting. This overview is essential for all nurses and healthcare providers and provides the essential foundation needed to build community victim response models!

Session II

October 26, 2021
90 Minutes

5:30 PM EST (4:30 PM CST, 3:30 PM MST, 2:30 PM PST)

Session 2: Revealing the Problem: Commercial Sexual Exploitation

During Session 2 be prepared to delve into case studies from a national expert and retired Vice Detective.  You will learn from Vice stings and explore the world of victims in “the life” as well as the evil traffickers who sexually exploit these victims.

Session III

November 2, 2021

90 Minutes

5:30 PM EST (4:30 PM CST, 3:30 PM MST, 2:30 PM PST)

Session 3:  Trauma Informed Response to Victims of Trafficking

Join a respected therapist in Session 3 as we explore vulnerabilities that make certain persons targets of trafficking.  We will review ACES scoring and how it related to trafficked victims and review behavioral vignettes designed to enable you to understand human trafficking response.

Session IV

November 9, 2021

90 Minutes

5:30 PM EST (4:30 PM CST, 3:30 PM MST, 2:30 PM PST)

Session 4:  Can You see Me?  Developing a Coordinated Community Response to Screening Medical Response to Victims of Trafficking

Session 4 offers you real answers to developing model centers of response in both rural and urban communities.  This experienced presenter shares the tools and expertise needed to engage medical and other stakeholders to assure central point of intake for victims of trafficking.  We will examine trafficking cases and dissect community response models that have proven efficacy results. We will also review screening tools to meet joint Commission requirements and assist in the design of policies for hospital settings.

Session V

November 16, 2021

90 Minutes

5:30 PM EST (4:30 PM CST, 3:30 PM MST, 2:30 PM PST)

Session 5:  The Voice of A Trafficked Survivor : Caring for a Victim in the Healthcare Setting


Join us for this rare opportunity to learn from a survivor of trafficking as she explores her experiences in utilizing healthcare settings.  You will learn real life examples describing what she needs nurses and healthcare providers to know when screening and caring for victims “in the life” of being trafficked.

ADV Speakers




In January 2018, Dignity Health welcomed Wendy Barnes, a survivor of child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and intimate partner violence as Human Trafficking Response Program Coordinator.  Wendy is a national speaker, using her own experiences to educate and empower audiences in the fight against exploitation.  Her story illustrates how abuse can make a young person vulnerable and serves as an example that freedom and restoration are possible.

When educating health care audiences, Wendy often shares examples of her own encounters with hospitals, clinics, and private practices.  Wendy was trafficked by the father of her children for over ten years.  As such, during that time, Wendy had multiple encounters with health care professionals and other first responders, including law enforcement officers, fire fighters, emergency department personnel, maternal child health professionals, and private physicians. 

Wendy has an Associate’s Degree in General Studies and has written a memoir, And Life Continues: Sex Trafficking and My Journey to Freedom. Wendy also co-authored a chapter in Human Trafficking Is a Public Health Issue: A Paradigm Expansion in the United States (Springer, 2017). Wendy has appeared on talk shows such as Dr. Phil, and her story has been featured in news features and documentaries, including Flesh: Bought and Sold in the U.S. 

Wendy has consulted for numerous organizations, including Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign; Via Christi Health, part of Ascension; Not For Sale, and ImPact Virginia.  Wendy has also provided education to law enforcement officers and students at numerous universities, including Vanguard University and St. Mary’s College of California. Wendy is a member of the National Survivor Network and the International Survivor Alliance.




Christine Foote-Lucero has been a licensed Registered Nurse in Colorado for nearly 20 years, with a focus on critical care.  She received a Bachelors of Science in Nursing at Creighton University and a Masters of Science in Forensic Nursing at Fitchburg State.  For the past fifteen years, she has worked as a Forensic Nurse Examiner (FNE).  She currently manages the FNE team at the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) in Aurora, CO where she developed a robust FNE orientation program as well as education and training for on-going FNE performance based competencies, clinical skills examples, and high fidelity simulations.

She has also created a Strangulation Pathway at UCH that serves as a clinical practice guideline for Emergency Providers.  Her clinical experiences as a forensic nurse have included death investigation and correctional nursing, as well as sexual assault, intimate partner violence, physical assault, strangulation, elder abuse, child abuse, and human trafficking.  She is board certified as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner for Adults, Adolescents, and Pediatrics.  In addition, she is a board certified Emergency Nurse.  She has worked in Professional Nursing Development and is a certified instructor for the Emergency Nurse’s Association, teaching ENPC and TNCC, as well as a guest lecturer for the Denver College of Nursing and the University of Colorado School of Nursing.  She has presented at both state and national conferences on a variety of forensic and trauma topics and regularly testifies as an expert witness in court.




Debra Holbrook attended The Union Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, in Baltimore, Maryland and completed both undergrad and graduate studies through the Wilmington University.  After working in the field of critical care, she founded a Forensic Nurse Examiner Program in Delaware that became a model of the United States (US Senate Subcommittee / Biden, 2002).

In 2002, she testified on Capital Hill before a Senate Judicial Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs on behalf of the Bill that was signed into law in 2005 as the DNA Justice Act.  She is the recipient of numerous international awards, including the ANCC Magnet International Nurse of the Year, the Delaware Nurse of the year, the International Association of Forensic Nurses Pioneer Award, the 2014 Most Influential Marylanders in Healthcare, Distinguished Fellow - Academy of Forensic Nursing, and the prestigious Fellow American Academy of Nursing.  She serves on the Board of the National Strangulation Institute, has authored grants totaling over 11 million dollars to benefit victims of major person’s crimes and lectures nationally for the Office for Victims of Crime, educating medical professionals across the country. She has conducted over 200 pediatric and adult SANE educational offerings both nationally and internationally.




Tanisha L. Knighton, holds a B.A., M.C.J. and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.  Dr. Knighton is an independent consultant and national trainer with over 15 years of experience as a Social Worker with Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services and over 8 years in the Missing Persons Unit for the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department.  Dr. Knighton is an active member of a number of other agencies that address issues that affect missing persons and human trafficking.  Dr. Knighton has served a consultant, designed curricula and provided training on different topics for a variety of federal/state grants, NGOs, CACs and national conferences.



Thomas Stack is currently the Human Trafficking Coordinator for the City of Baltimore, Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice where he oversees anti-human trafficking efforts in the City of Baltimore.  Mr. Stack also started and is the Co-Chair of the Baltimore City Human Trafficking Collaborative.  Previously Mr. Stack worked at the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention from May of 2015 to October 2017 where he over saw the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention’s efforts to combat human trafficking in the State of Maryland as the Human Trafficking Policy Analyst.  Mr. Stack was appointed by Governor Hogan to be a member of the Safe Harbor Workgroup to study Safe Harbor policy for Child Sex Trafficking Victims.  He also conducted Law Enforcement trainings though out the State, and developed human trafficking policy for the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention. 

Thomas Stack retired from the Montgomery County Police Department’s Vice and Intelligence Unit on September 1, 2014.  Retired Detective Stack has more than 26 years of law enforcement experience including 14 years in the Vice and Intelligence Unit.  

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