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Do You Have 2 minutes? Check Out the Updated TIC Position Statement

The IPC is continuing to work for AFN members and facilitate the identification & development of evidence-based position statements that support forensic nursing practice. Position statements are authoritative documents published by a professional organization that guide the profession and specialty practice, amplify the views of nursing and can serve to educate consumers, policy makers and decision makers in a variety of agencies and organizations. We NEED the Expertise of AFN members. Do you have an idea or question about your clinical practice that would benefit from evidence based guidance? Are you involved with an AFN Committee or SIG and have identified an area of practice that needs an improved approach? Do you work with a team member that might be pursuing a BSN, an advanced degree or documenting goals for an annual evaluation and needs a short term clinical or quality project? If so developing an AFN Position Statement might be a great solution! Got questions? Contact Val Sievers or any current IPC member, Barb Bachmeier, Natalie Calow, Christine Foote-Lucero & Karen Burnette. PS: Check out the updated Trauma Informed Care Position Statement. Posted for AFN member review & comment till March 15th!

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